The Sopranos / S05 E02. Rat Pack

8.6/10 United States, 2004 г.г.

  • Криминал, Драма
  • Язык сериала: Английский
  • Продолжительность серии: 57 min

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Tony welcomes back his favorite cousin Tony Blundetto, who's been released from prison after 15 years. Tony is keen to set him up so he can start earning again but Tony B surprises him by saying he's decided to go legit and complete his training to become a registered massage therapist. Not so for Feech La Manna who gets Tony and Uncle Junior's permission to start earning again. Old time mob boss and head of one of the New York families, Carmine Lupertazzi, dies in hospital after his recent stroke. He did not have the opportunity to name his successor. The FBI is redoubling their efforts to get information on Tony. They've got a good source and when Tony begins to suspect someone, he takes swift action. Adriana is still providing information to the FBI and begins to wonder if it's ever going to end. When her maid of honor, Tina Francesco, begins flirting with Christopher, she rats her out to her FBI friends. Written by garykmcd